About Me

Thank you for taking the time to look through my site. I am Jim and here is a small insight into my life and work.

I have loved taking photos since I was a boy, and as soon as the age of digital photography came along I was straight onboard. While I can see the beauty in the process of shooting film, getting it developed and processed, I loved much more the immediacy of digital photography. I could learn so much faster and the process of getting a photo from the camera onto paper was so much quicker. I was well and truly bitten!

In 2010 I embarked on my first “Project 365”, taking a photo every single day and uploading it for everyone to see. As a photographer it was one of my toughest challenges, as I found quickly I was mastering the technical aspect of photography and starting to focus on framing, angles and simple “finding the photo”. I captured so many photos that I would never have even seen without having my camera with me.

This quote by Chase Jarvis is something I carry with me –

The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You

While spending so much time with my camera I started to find so much more enjoyment in photographing people. It was a lot more challenging but so much more rewarding. Taking photos of people is one way of getting an honest opinion from people… if people don’t like a photo you take of them they will soon let you know! Likewise, if you take a photo of someone they love they will share it and talk about it. As a photographer that’s one of the best feelings you can have.

I started to shoot sports events as well as formal functions, and ended up doing couple shoots and weddings. Capturing people “in the moment” is one of the best aspects of my job, knowing that you’ve captured an image that will stay with people forever!

As a photographer I am aware that the images tell the story, so please take a look at my work and judge for yourself, if you have any questions please fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get chance.